Offering food is undoubtedly considered to be the most auspicious charity. In other charities it may be required to find one appropriate candidate, but in case of Anna Dana no such reservation is there. A hunger person is eligible and that's it.

How To Donate

The below given write up describes method of transferring amount for DONATIONS only. If you are looking for Online Seva Booking, then click here. (Donations and Seva Booking are different terms)

Donation Schemes

Donation Schemes:

Sankalpa Seva

As the scriptural authority says “apyachuto guru dvaaraa prasadakRut” it is very easy to please the Supreme Lord (Narayana) using guru as the channel.

Daily Sevas & Poojas

Dinaika Sampoorna Annadana Seva :दिनैक संपुरण् अन्न्दान सेवा |
Rs. 2,00,000.00

Dinaika Sampoorna Seva :दिनैक संपुरण् सेवा |  
Rs. 1,00,000.00

Do's and Dont's

Some useful instructions and directions for devotees who are visiting Mantralayam

Daily darshana

Daily sevaYou can have Darsha

Poojas and Donations

    * Darshana

  1.          Daily
  2.          Dhanurmasa
  3.          Do's & Dont's

    * Poojas & Sevas


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