The Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt Mantralayam invites tenders/quotations from reputed registered firms/companies engaged in the business of Housekeeping to provide housekeeping services on monthly payment basis for the following items of work at Mantralayam.


Name of the Building                  



Sri Suyateendra Vasathi Gruha (200 Rooms Complex)

192 Rooms, toilets, verandas and the entire premises of the building.


TTD Yatri Nivas, One Kalyanamantapam and One Dormitory

40 Rooms, and its toilets rooms  & toilets attached to kalyana Mantapm & toilets of Dormitory and Hall


The interested agencies are required to submit the rates for each items of work separately ie., S.No:1 & 2 above separately. The bids in Sealed Cover with all required enclosuresbearing the words "Tender for Housekeeping Services" and should reach The Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam – 518 345, Kurnool District by 16.30 hrs on or before 22.6.2015. The bids will be opened at 17.30 hrs on 22.6.2015.

A complete set of tender documents can be obtained on payment of Rs.250/- (Rupees Two hundred fifty only) from the Administrative Office on any working day during office hours from 11/06/2015 to 21/06/2015.  The bid security (EMD) of Rs 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft in favour of THE Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam payable at Mantralayam should be submitted along with the tender.

This Office would not be responsible for any delay or loss of the tender documents sent through mail or otherwise.

The Mutt management reserves the right to reject all / part or any of the quotations without assigning any reason thereof. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

Scope of Work

  • Sweeping and wet mopping of the entire area including the lobby daily, changing of beds, bed sheets in the rooms
  • Furniture    like    tables,    chairs,    Visitor's    chairs,    sofas, almirahs    etc.,    and    all    the    electronic    gadgets    like Computers,    telephones,    fax    machines,    photo   copier 
machine etc., have to be dust free and dust removal has 
to be  done daily. The doors, windows partitions including    the    particle    board,    glass    and    aluminum 
channels in the entire office should be cleaned daily.
  • Thorough    cleaning    of    the    toilets    including    WCs    and Urinals with attached water tanks and washbasins, by 
using    disinfecting    materials    like    Phenyl,    Harpic,   Vim, Surf etc., twice a day or more often if needed. And also cleaning of all sanitary fittings, tiles and mirrors on the walls in the toilets. All cleaning material should be procured by the contractor/agency.
  • Removal    of    blockages    and    clogging,    if    any    in    the Wash basins and other sanitary fittings in the toilets for smooth outflow of waste water.
  • Collect    all    the    sweepings,    garbage    and    wastes    and transport/ dispose of the same to the nearest pit.
  • Maintenance and up keep of the entire premises including the internal and external area of the buildings.
  • Shifting    of furniture    and    other    equipments    and    other Material whenever required.
  • Miscellaneous services such as serving of drinking water / refreshment, etc., to the staff and also during conference / meetings / seminars.
  • Any other work related to above scope of work as may be ordered by the Mutt authorities.
  • In case, work is not executed satisfactorily or any lapses 
are    reported/noticed    on    the    part    of    the    deployed personnel    in    providing    adequate    services    at    the Premises,    the    bidder    shall    be    held    responsible    and 
penalized and his contract is liable for termination.
  • The service provider shall provide the workers round the clock.




The Agency should be in the business of Housekeeping services at least for the last 5 years.


Bidder/s should pay minimum wages & allowances to his employees as prescribed by         the      Government                  including the        enhancements  in wages           if any, during that period.


Bidder/'s should not engage child labour.


House keeping services as per scope of work (Annexure – I)


Period of the contract would be for a period of one year from the date of entrustment to work.


Minimum number of persons to be deployed for each building and each floor is to be mentioned in the Annexure II.


The tender rate may be quoted on inspection of the buildings and based on the number of persons to be deployed or per person basis. The management reserves the right to allot the contract of both the buildings wholly or separately. 


The rate quoted should include the cost of cleaning materials required for cleaning work.                                                                                 


Rates offered in the tender / quotation will not be enhanced during the period of contract.


Any liability such as Service Tax, EPF, ESI etc shall be borne by the service provider and shall be deposited with respective authorities and consequential benefit shall be given to the employees under contract during the contract period.


The deduction towards Basic Wages, VDA, allowances,      PF and ESI etc.

should be factored in the rates being quoted on monthly basis and the same would not be payable over and above the rates thus quoted and the contractor would be liable for ensuring compliance with the relevant rules and regulations as notified by the Government in this regard from time to time. Amount payable every month to each personnel may also be indicated separately in a column.


It is made clear that the engagement of the service provider does not in any way confer any right to the service provider or the persons who may be deployed by him in this office for claiming any regular or part time Employment in the Mutt.


The bidder shall provide the services of manpower on all days.


An amount of Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five thousand only) in the form of a Banker's cheque / DD on any scheduled bank in favor of THE MANAGER, SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY MUTT, MANTRALAYAM must accompany the quotation letter as Earnest Money Deposit.  Quotation received without Earnest Money                 will not     be considered at                                   all.  EMD   will be returned to all the unsuccessful bidders at the end of selection process. However, the EMD shall be forfeited in case the successful bidder withdraws or the details furnished in the Bid are found to be incorrect or false during the tender selection process. No interest shall be paid on the EMD and EMD of selected bidder will be returned on furnishing performance Security Deposit.


The successful bidder is required to deposit Performance Security Deposit equivalent to 10% of the amount payable per annum which will be forfeited in case of frequent absence from duty / misconduct on the part of manpower supplied by the agency or the firm violating any of the terms and conditions of the contract or not providing satisfactory service. The amount will be refunded to the selected bidder without any interest on the completion of contract period.


A copy of TIN and PAN No. may also be enclosed.


The Contractor would be liable for ensuring compliance with the relevant rules and regulations as notified by the Government in this regard from time to time.


The contractor shall provide proper uniform and Identity cards to the persons engaged in the work.


Mode of Submission of Bids :

The Sealed tenders should be addressed to :

The Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam – 518 345

Kurnool Dist, Andhra Pradesh.         It should be written boldly on top of the envelops as  superimposed with words "QUOTATIONS FOR HOUSEKEEPING WORK IN SRS MUTT, MANTRALAYAM the bid with lowest quotation among the opened bids will normally be approved.


The successful bidder is required to enter into an "Integrity Pact" as and when applicable.


At the time of submission of bill for payment, the contractor should submit the proof for the previous payment made towards statutory liabilities like EPF, ESI etc.and also wages, in respect of all the engaged personnel.


Payment to the Service Provider will be made by Account Payee Cheque or through Electronic clearance, on presentation of the bill. Income-tax (TDS) shall be deducted at source as per the rates notified by the Income-Tax Department.


Insurance cover protecting the agency against all claims applicable under the Workmen's Compensation Act,1948 shall be taken  by the Service Provider.      The Service Provider shall arrange necessary insurance cover for any persons deployed by him even for short duration.                The office shall not entertain any claim arising out of mishap, if any that may take place. In the event of any liability/claim falling on this office, same shall be reimbursed /indemnified by the Service Provider.


The Mutt will not involve in  any dispute between the service provider and workers of the service provider.


All damages caused by the personnel to the property of the office shall be recovered from the Service Provider.


The contractor will submit the monthly bill for reimbursement in duplicate enclosing therein following certificates, which shall be got duly certified by  the officer-in charge and the same shall be paid thereof after making recovery, if any.

  1. The     contractor   shall      make    regular     and    full       payment   of  labour
    charges, salaries and other payments as due, as per the labour laws and minimum wages act, to its personnel deputed under service contract and furnish necessary proof in this regard as and when required.
  2. Actual deployment of personnel & their attendance.
  3. Proof of payments made to personnel deployed for pervious month,
  4. Proof        of    challan/receipt   issued     by   Regional  Provident     Fund Commissioner                etc     for  the     payment   made   towards        applicable Provident fund. ESI &EDL for the previous month and proof of payment towards compliance of other statutory provision like Bonus for the previous month.
  1. The bidder shall pay the minimum wages as per the Memorandum
    No. 1/2(6)/2014-LS-II Dated 04.03.2014, issued by 0/0 The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central),     the wages     payable    per day per
    person as per area category (including EPF @ 13.61% AND ESI 4.75%),
  2. In          any case,    the   bidder shall    pay the     prescribed      wages to the personnel.


The Mutt shall release due amount after making recoveries, if any, through crossed a/c payee cheque or through online transfer.


The    Housekeeping  contractor shall   strictly  comply       with   the       terms and conditions of the agreement which will   be executed with the successful bidder. Failure by the contractor to comply with such statutory requirements and/or the terms of the agreement during the period of agreement of deficiency of services shall result in termination of the contract.


Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the Contract can be terminated  at anytime with one month notice without assigning any reason or without incurring      any          financial    liability whatsoever to the contractor. In this respect the decision of the Mutt will be final. The Mutt authorities reserves the right to reject any quotation in whole or in part without assigning any reason thereof.


As proof of acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Tender Notice, each page of Tender Notice should be endorsed by the bidder and submitted along with the quotation.


The Manager, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Mantralayam reserves the right to postpone/extend the date of receipt/opening of tenders or to withdraw the same without assigning any reason whatsoever.

For any further details, please +91-8500688987 or +91-9885396421