Sri Sode mutt seer at Mantralayam : Photo gallery

His Holiness Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha Swamiji of Sri Sode Vadiraja Mutt paid a visit to Mantralayam on 28/12/2008 to have Darshana of Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhoumaru. Jr. Seer of our Mutt His Holiness Sri Suyateendra Teertha Swamjii gave Him a warm and traditional welcome. This was Sri Sode Swamiji's first visit to Mantralayam after getting into Sanyasa Ashrama.

 In a felicitation programme conducted in Ranga Sabhangana, Sri Suyateendra Teertha Swamiji expressed extreme happiness to share the stage together with Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha Swamjii. He looked back into the history and recalled the incident of Sri Vijayeendra Teertha’s visit to Udupi during Sri Vadiraja Teertha’s paryaya.  He continued His speech and said “Sri Sujayeendra Teertha Swamiji has set up a tradition of visiting Sode in Phalguna Masa after performing Sri Dheerendra Teertha’s aradhana. We wish Sode Swamiji also in this way should put some traditions of visiting Mantralayam every year” 

On the same stage Sri Suyateendra Teertha Swamiji honoured Sri Vishva Vallabha Teertharu with great happiness. Sri Vishvavallabha Teertha Swamiji addressed the public and articulated His wish to come back to Mantralayam to stay here for a long period” 

Swamiji left Mantralayam on 29.12.2008 after attending Aradhana Mahotsava of Sri Suyameendra Teertharu.

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