Almost all main temples in Tamil Nadu State has a custom of honouring the other Mutts and Religious institutions once in 3 years.
Sri Rangam near Tiruchinapally popularly known as 'ADIKSHETHRA' where the temple of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy is also one among them having the said custom. This is called  'MANGALA SHASANAM' ( This is Govt Endowment Department's Honour)
 Sri Sumatheendra Theertha who was in the Peetam from 1692 to 1725  has opened a golden chapter in the history of Vidya Mutt. that is none other than the Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharya Moola Maha Samsthanam Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt.The temple honor in Sri Rangam to our Sri Mutt has commenced during the regime of Sri Sumatheendratheertha.
On 18th June 2015 an atmosphere in Sri Sumatheendra -Raghavendra Mutt at Sri Rangam was remencing the glory during the regime of Sri Sumatheendra theertha, for the reason that the Temple Honour celebrations.
In the morning at 9-30 am The Maniyar  means The Chief Priest of the Temple has visited our Sri Mutt and Invited our Sri Subudhendratheertha Swamiji, the Present Pontiff of Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt, to Sri Ranganatha Temple . After that the Palanquin (Mene) has come from the temple and Sri Swamiji Sat there in the palanquin. The Procession has proceeded from our Sri Mutt to Sri Ranganatha Temple  with Nadaswaram,-Vaadya Dol and Vedaghosham by pandits along with other priests of the Temple. During the procession the sound of crackers was touching the sky.
Sri Swamiji was received in the first prakaram by the authorities of the temple duly garlanding to Sri Swamiji and taken Sri Swamiji near GARUDAGAMBAM and the chief priest of the temple has tied the PETAM (Vastra) to Sri Swamiji's head and  taken Sri Swamiji  with the CHATAARI (the toppest honour of the temple) along with HAGALU DEEVATIGE to have Darshan of the main idol of Lord Sri Ranganathaswamy and performed Mangalarathi to the idol and offered it to Sri Swamiji. Afterwards the authorities have taken Sri Swmiji to have darshan of PARA VASUDEVA in the terrace. and finally Sri Swamiji was taken to THAAYAAR SANNIDHI where again the palanquin was waiting to drop   Sri Swamiji to Sri Mutt with the same procession which reached Sri Mutt at 12-30 pm and Sri Swamiji dedicated the honour to the Brindavans of Sri Raghavendra-Sri Sumatheendra-Sri Yogeendra -Sri Upendra and Sri Muneendra by performing Maha Mangalarathi.