Shrimushnam Garbhagudidvaara Rajata Kavacha Samarpane

Shri Varaha Swamy along with His consort BhooDevi, reigning at Srimushnam Kshetra is considered as one of the seven pious 'Svayamvakta Kshetras'. Shri Madhvacharya is also recorded to have lent sanctity by observing a chatumasya at this place. This divine kshetra was also of special interest to our Guru Rayaru who had spent a long time conducting paata pravachanas at this place. H.H. Swamiji, on 29th of July, donated silver kavacham to the garbhagudi dwara at Srimushnam and thus further strengthened the bond between SriMushnam and Mantralaya; Hari-Vayu gurugala kshetras, whose blessings we always seek.

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