Nava Vrindavana Darshana

As per instructions of His Guru Sri Suyateendra Teertha Sripadangalavaru on 1st June 2013, His Holiness 108 Sri Subudhendra Teertha Sripadangalavaru paid a visit to the holy Nava Vrindavana Kshetra to obtain blessings of all poorva Gurugalu. This program was organised on the way back from Hosaritti to Mantralaya Pura pravesha. Sri Swamiji was accompanied by Sri Rajagopalacharya, Sri Suyameendracharya and other senior officials the matha along with number of disciples and devotees.

He was received at Nava Vrindvana with a traditional poorna kumbha swagata by the priests of Vrindavanas appointed by Srimatha. After having darshana of Sri Pranadevaru and all saints, He offered His seva to Sri Padmanabha Teertharu by giving a discourse on Sri Brahmasootra Bhashya Teeka done by Sri Padmanabha Teertharu. At this occasion, representatives of Sri Sripadaraja Matha (Mulabagilu) offered their respects and honoured Srigalu with holy Mantrakshate of Sri Sripadarajaru.

Disciples of Srimatha took tapta mudradharana by Srigalavaru during this visit.

The photographs are given here. (Click on picture to view entire gallery)


Nava Vrindavana Darshana by Sri Subudhendra Teertharu

Nava Vrindavana Darshana by Sri Subudhendra Teertharu

Bhashya Pravachana by Srigalavaru

Nava Vrindavana