The online enclopeadia of Maadhva Culture is started. Please check out the following points and start working on it.

Site Address


As per wiki standards, the site is designed with Open Source Technology and any body can add/edit thecontent here as on now. But we can restrict people by editing the
content  mercilessly. This can be done through the configuration settings of the site. I'd like to put this responsibility on our Technical Team. Please let me know if you can take this responsibility.

Adding content
It is very easy. Just put your keyword in the search box and search it. If the content is not there, you can create it there itself. (Since we are in infant stage, no word is there except “Rayaru”)

Terms of Use & Disclaimer
I wish some one from content team show interest in this regard and help in preparing these items. Others can send their suggestions to add to disclaimer / Terms of use. We will consolidate them and finalise at the earliest after obtaining clearance certificate from His Holiness Sri Swamiji.

Suggestions :
Let us not start adding words related to any particular Madhva Mutt's Traditions. Ex: About Rayara Mutt, Vyasaraja Mutt or Uttaradi Mutt and so on. As there are several differences between each Mutt's customs and usage it may raise complications. Let it be a pure MAADHVA culture encyclopedia.

I expect your heartfelt involvement in this noble work.

Kindly contact me in case of doubts.