List of Publications

Srimatha holds a special rank while speaking about publications of Madhwa Literature. Since from the ages we have been publishing ancient books. As an average, every year 20-24 books will be aded to the treasury of spirituality. (Two books every month!) A huge amount of money is incurred every year for this noble task. Interestinly, most of these books will be sold at no profit base. This helps every one in purchasing a maximum number of books.

Unique Publications:

1) Sriman-nyayasudha
Sri Jayateertha, the well known saint-author in the Madhwa lineage, has written an elaborate commentary on Anuvyakhyana of Sri Madhwacharya, named as Srimannyayasudha. While many saint-authors have written commentaries on Srimannyayasudha, the gloss written by Sri Raghavendra teertha,  known as Sudha Parimala, has occupied the place of primacy. It has become customary to study Srimannyayasudha along with Srimannyayasudha Parimala. The other commentaries, on Srimannyayasudha, by saint  authors, such as, Sri Sripadarajaru, Sri Vijayeendra teertharu, Sri Vadirajaru, Sri Sumateendra  teertharu and Sri Vyayasatatavjna teertharu are also noteworthy.

Under the spiritual and divine guidance of Sri Sushameendra teertharu, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt had launched the unique project of publishing Srimannyayasudha with 21 commentaries by different  authors, in 22 volumes, consisting of about 55,000 pages. The first 15 Volumes have been published by Sri Sushameendraru. Sri  Suyateendra teertharu has furthered this Project of His Guru with fervor and devotion. He published the remaining 7 Volumes. Further, He has desired that all the Volumes should be graciously donated to the deserving and aspiring students, scholars and teachers, freely and with Sambhavana of Rs. 1000/-. It is hoped that more and more Jijnasus come forward to study  Sriman -nyayasudha and Parimala and thereby receive the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu.

2) Release of 104 Books in a single day.
During the 500th Aradhana mahotsava of Sri Raghunandana teertharu (Oct 2004), our previous Srigalu His Holiness 108 Sri Sushameendra Teertharu published 104 usefull and rare books in a single day at Hampi.

These books are made available at the following points

Parimala Grantha Bhandara
On Bhuvanendra Sabha Mantapa's Corridor
North Prakara, Mantralaya

Nanjangud Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha
5th block, Jayanagara, Bengalooru

Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha
Barkatpura, Hyderabad

For further enquiry, please Contact

The Principal
Sri Gurusarvabhouma Samskruta Vidyepeetha
Mantralayam 518345
Ph: 08512-279496

The list of publications can be downloaded from the below given attachment.