Guru Vaibhavotsava - Paduka Pattabhisheka

On the auspicious occasion of Sri Rayaru's Pattabhisheka, H.H. Swamiji inaugurated the week long celebrations at SRS Mutt, Mantralyam. Sri Raghavendra Guru Vaibhavam is being celebrated by devotees all around the world. The day was marked by pattabhisheka to Raghavendra Swamy's moola padukegalu. Abhisheka with muttu (pearls), pushpa (flowers) and nanyagalu (coins) was also performed. A grand procession was held in the Navaratna Ratha. "Shri Manmatha Nama Samvatsara" panchanga Was also released today, will be made available to all devotees in comming days

Scores of devotees were witness to and celebrated the days special programme.

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