First Meeting -Brief Report

Namaste all,
with the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu GurugaLu and HH Sri Suyateendra Theertharu, this group headed by
Prof MN Venkatesh, Tribal & Folklore Studies @ University of Kuppam and
Sri Raghu Nandana Sharma, SRS Mutt, convened at the sannidhAna of SaparivAra samEtha Sri Rama dEvaru, sri mukhya prANa and Sri Rayaru at  JNR 5th Block on July 11th at 11am to initiate the discussions about the two of the projects under the banner of SRS Mutt. - Madhwapedia & - Madhwa Yellow Pages
Here is a brief description of what we discussed and decided.
1. Prof MNV, kick started the meeting by welcoming all the participants and expressing the inability from Sri Sharma to attend the same due to his illness. He explicitly mentioned about the project having been discussed with srigaLu, Sri Rajagopalacharya &
Sri Suyameendracharya having their patronage, chamionship and blessings to go ahead.
Sri RK Vadeendracharya, Manager SRS Mutt, 5th Block, represented the Mutt, welcomed all the people and assured of all the facilities and continued support to this project from himself and the staff of the mutt.
2. At a very high level, there would be two leaders to this project -
Technology - Sri Raghu Nandana Sharma / / +91 900 047 1041
Content      - Prof MN Venkatesh           / / +91 996 622 1542
3. There would be work groups with the headers of IT Team, comprising of people with expertise on UI, database, PHP, etc
and Content Team those who would work on the actual content of the project. These two teams will bring in their own expertise and experince to the table and also liason with external indentified resources if needed
4. While we are in agreement with Prof MNV on the high level modus operandi, especially things to do with content flow,
seggregating them into GOOD TO GO / controversial, checking for the authenticity, formatting in the prescribed template etc..
The idea is to make this portal a single and first point of reference for all madhwas
5. Some of the features discussed and noted include -
Kids Content / teens content
Social Responsibility related
Community Service Related
Mutt Database
6. Prof MNV proposed to start with a set of words as low as 50 in count to 1000 in the first 2 weeks, with a build up on each of the words in the form of dictionary, thesarus, encyclopedia, article etc. The language is expected to be simple, easy to understand, and widely used vocabulary
There were a total of 20 people who attended this meeting who chose to contribute in the following aread
IT - Technical Team

Sri Raghu Nandan Sharma (absent)
Bindu Madhava Kerur
Sandeep Inamdar
Ranganatha Sharma
Hayagreeva Gururaja Acharya
Hari Kumar
Abhilash Marichi
Ramesh SB
Ramesh Vedavyasa
Raghavendra Kiran
Shubha Raghavendra

Content / Language  / Translation Team
Prof MN Venkatesh
Prof R Madhwaraj
Sri Devaraja Rao
Sri Venkata Narasimha Acharya
Nagaraju Channasamudra
Bindu Madhava Kerur
Dilip Rathnakar
Sridhar Kinhal
There would be more people who would join the respective teams as we go on.

Next Action Points
Each of the people in the content team shall work on 5-10 words in the template Prof MNV explained and send it to him.
Prof would also send out quickly a template with an example in next day or two.
Please ensure that you are involved, included and immersed in this project to the best of your efforts.
We all are the blessed ones for having  the luxury of  being the volunteers for this amidst our work, life and other engagements.
So lets make the best out of this opportunity.
I wish all of us the best of the days to come and lot of accomplishments by the grace of Sri Rayaru and his anthargatha sri Mukhya prANAnthargatha Sri Rama Devaru
|| Krishnarpanamastu ||