Adhika Masa : Special Gopooja

The duration between 14.04.2010 to 15.05.2010 is to be observed as Adhika Vaishakha Masa as 2010 is a leap year. On account of this auspicious month, His Holiness 108 Sri Suyateendra Teertha Swamiji is bringing up a new and unique opportunity of worshipping 33 cows at a time, every day, with their calves. This pooja will be performed at Goshala situated at Mantralaya village.  Devotees who perform this seva, will be taken to the Goshala so that they can offer pooja directly by themselves.

Pooja contribution : Rs. 3333/-
Devotees will be bestowed a Memento, Sheshavastram and Phalamantrakshata

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