On 12th August, 2015, there was a very divine atmosphere at Mantralayam for the reason that the Peetadhipathi Sri Subudhendra theertha swsamiji has observed his 3rd CHATURMASYA DEEKSHA GRAHANA.

As per the rich usage tradition and customs of the Mutt Sri Subudhendratheertha swamiji offered new Kaavi Vasthram to the Moola Brindavan of SRI RAAYARU, SRI VAADEENDRARU ,AND other Yathis, with the sankalpam THASYAMI CHATHUROMAASAN...Sri Swamiji addressed the gathering that...Chaturmasya is an auspicious four months period commencing from Ashadha Shukla Trayodashi and comcludes on Bhadrapada Shuddha Pournami. (AS PER OUR SRI MUTTS SAMPRADAYA)This particular months are said to be very pleasing to Lord Sri Vishnu.Then Sri Swamiji also explained regarding the MAASA GANANE  that is from Amavasya to Amavasya and Pournami to Pournami,  very briefly. And Hh Sri Swamiji said that Sanyasis should take the oath that he will observe the Chaturmasya Deeksha Grahana at only one place without travelling any where.  And today is the last day specially for the Sanyasis to observe the Chaturmasya, as per out Mutt's tradition and more over as appealed by all of you, we being here in Mantralayam during chaturmasya will perform JAPA-TAPA -ANUSHTANA-,PAATA PRAVACHANA-  BHIKSHATANE- , MANTRAMUDRADHARANE -  AND SAMSTHANA POOJA AND PRAYING FOR THE GLOBAL WELFARE. 

Finally HH Sri SWamiji said that all the Disciples and Devotees should visit Mantralayam during this period and take the Mudradharana and Participate in Paata Pravachana and other rituals and seek the blessings of Sri  Hari -Vaayu Gururajaru.