2015 Chaturmasya samaroopa and seemollanghana

On ocassion of Chaturmasya Vratha samaroopa samarambha, Bhagavatha prostapathi mangala mahotsava was performed at Shri Matha. Evening H.H. Shri Swamiji went to Kondapura Shri Anjaneya Swamy temple for Seemollanghana. After having darshana of Shri Anjaneya Swamy, a grand procession was organised towards Shri Matha. Thousends of devotees were involved in this event. A grand function was held at Shri Matha.

H.H. Shri Swamiji performing harati to Shri Venkateshwara Swamy

Bhagavatha Prostapathi Mangala

H.H. SHri Swamiji at Shri Kondapura Anjaneya Swamy temple

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