Anna Dana

“daanam dhruvam phalati paatraguNaanukUlyaat.h” (दानं धृवं फलति पात्र गुणानुकूल्यात्) says shastra meaning that alms or offering made to charity gives results based on the suitability of the recipient. Hence, before any donation is made one needs to examine the credentials of the recipient. Without this, it is possible that the whole purpose behind the donation may be defeated and the Lord may be displeased with our act. It may also give rise to a series of undesirable results. But what if the purpose of the donation is lost in the process of searching for a suitable recipient? Or, if we donate to an unworthy recipient, thinking that he is really worthy? Our shAstras have provided us enough guidelines in this matter to help us resolve such issues.

There is one donation, however, that can be performed without questioning the eligibility of the recipient. Shastras say “naanodaka samam daanam” (नान्नोदक समं दानम्) meaning that there is no donation equal to gifting food and water. This is such a worthy action that describing the merit that would accrue to the donor from such an act would be a document by itself. Shastras also say “annasya kshuditam paatram” ( अन्नस्य क्षुधितं पात्रम्) anybody who is hungry is worthy of receiving food)”. One should not examine the caste and creed of the recipient when performing annadaana (feeding people as a charity).

Sri Raghavendraswamy maTha has always been in the forefront when it comes to performing annadaana, which is so pleasing to the Lord. Rayaru has always ensured that this glorious tradition has stayed alive in the maTha. The life history of Sri SuguNendra tIrtharu is a glowing testimonial to the importance that pontiffs of the maTha attach to this tradition. He was a great soul who was the pontiff of the maTha in the 18th century. He was once visiting parts of Andhra Pradesh close to the border with Tamilnadu, to spread the philosophy of Acharya Madhva. Unfortunately, by divine will, that province was in the grip of a severe famine. Sri SuguNendra tIrtharu knew that the resources of the maTha would be severely strained if the maTha continued its tradition of feeding the poor, but he did not lose heart. He reposed full faith in Rayaru and continued the annadaana that is so pleasing to the Lord. Even today, his glorious act is remembered with pride and he is called as “SumrushThAna pradaata (सुमृष्टान्न प्रदाता = the one who provided abundant food to the needy)”.

Thus the glorious tradition of annadaana has never stopped in Rayara maTha. In the reign of Sri SuyamIndra tIrtha and Sri SujayIndra tIrtha, many timely improvements were made to the system. Sri SushamIndra tIrtha has continued the tradition and ensured that devotees who visit Mantralaya to seek the blessings of Rayaru are fed without any discrimination. On an average, between 4 to 5 thousand devotees are fed every day. The maTha spends of lakhs of rupees every day on this account. Sri  Sushameendra teertha and his heir Sri Suyateendra Teertha have planned several other schemes to improve the system of annadaana even further.

Timings of daily meals :
Daily : 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM
Dwadashi : 9.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Dhanurmasa (Around December) 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM

Night: 7.30 to 9.00

Note: No food will be served on Ekadashi, Grahana (Eclipse) and Krishna Janmashtami Days

Note: Amount may transferred towards Annadanam through online to Account No 11296401140 of State Bank of India, Mantralayam IFCS Code: SBIN0002755 duly sending an email noting the Address for sending Prasadam to the following email address or

Offering food is undoubtedly considered to be the most auspicious charity. In other charities it may be required to find one appropriate candidate, but in case of Anna Dana no such reservation is there. A hunger person is eligible and that's it. At Mantralayam everyday we provide Free Teertha Prasada (Lunch) to nearly 5000 devotees approx. irrespective of cast and creed. The daily expenditure of this charity feeding is around 2 lakhs.


Devotees may wish to support us by contributing any amount. Donations are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act.

* You may wish to participate in this noble cause by contributing any amount.

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