Mookopi yat prasadena - Sloka

Mookopi yat prasadena.... is a very famous shloka on Sri Rayaru. It is one among the starting few Mangala Shlokas of Sri Raghavendra Vijaya. The poet Sri Narayanacharya praises Sri Rayaru for his prosperous nature. He says "the surrender at the holy feet of Sri Rayaru will turn a dumb to an orator like Adi Shesha (Mukunda Shayana) and a poorest person can turn to be a king of kings" My friend Sri A.S. Murali was fortunate to receive Sri Sushameendra Award during last month. He is a versatile scholar in music yet very humble with every one. His devotion towards Rayaru is unquestionable. He recited three Slokas in Raga Mohana during his visit to Mantralaya. The first one is here. Keep sharing with like minded friends.