The Bhagavad Geetha is eld in high esteem. Not only in India but also in other countries over the world. Why? In a broad sense it is a passage of divine song mainly intended to counsel the troubled mind psychologically. Even individual will identify himself or herself with Arjuna who stood confused in the battle field about the futility of war and in general about the values of life. The words of Lord Krishna console him answering his doubts and fears finally.

Truly speaking our happiness depends more on our attitude than our aptitude. The message of geetha that one must perform ones duty without attachment to the fruits or results emphasizes this fact. We find fulfilment in the performance of our duties where as attachment to results could lead to frustration or disappointment. On the other hand with resolute positive attitude we can invariably develop the right aptitude. When confronted with problems we have to face them with head erect, heart sincere and mind made up. Only then we will find success in everything new attempt, any venture we embark upon. Only then our life becomes enjoyable, interesting and meaningful.

It is not knowledge alone which liberates the soul. Even great Rishis like Janaka, Priyavata and Bhagirathi have performed their duties to attain Moksha. But, in the course of doing our duties, we should never lose self-control; never give away for irritation or frustration. Just because things we perform do not end in success. It is the purity of purpose that is important. Lord Krishna has ordained that we have to perform our duties not with a grumble but with total devotion.

Let there be a smile on our faces while we perform our duties which must be considered as Bhagavatpooja. The Dwadasha stotras of Sri Madhwacharya instructs KURUBHUNKSHWA CHAKARMA NIJAM NIYATHAM. Can there be a more succinct way expressing the message of Sri Bhagavad-Gita?

Source : Gurusarvabhouma English Montrhly Magazine, Mantralaya

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