Saints influence their disciples in an unobtrusive and ineffable manner. Their sole mission in life is to forgive our foolish ways and make us return to GOD. Living in their very company will prove and antidotes in an age of attraction like ours. It is through them that Divine light filters down into the world of darkness. Being channels of spirituality, the world will be a blind place but for their presence. They provide us faith and confidence in an hour of crisis and inspire hope in us when we have doubts. When we are lost in resentment and haste, they call us back to the path of live and service. They may be gentle but are never weak; appear determined but are not aggressive. They keep us pure and disinfected.

Sri Raghavendra, one of the greatest of Madhwa saints, represented the most outstanding elements of “Dwaitha” philosophy by his works and pious life. He combined in himself several excellences, immense popularity, phenomenal erudition, an author or distinction, subtle grammarian and a fine player on Veena. Appriciating his scholarship, Sudhindra Teertharu desired to ordain him as his successor pontiff. Goddess Saraswathi manifested before Venkatanathacharya and advised him to serve the cause of Indian philosophy through his commentaries on Sri Madhwa’s works and those of his successors, Jayatheertharu and Vyasarajaru. Taking sanyasa when he was 23, Sri Raghavendra turned a missionary and lived an austere life presiding over the Matha (Kumbhakonam) for four decades. Sri Raghavendra was a noted socio-spiritual benefactor of the distressed humanity and had performed unparalleled miracles. He had provided word by word meaning to DASHOPANISHATS, helpful even to an average reader. His notable contribution was book on the daily religious duties one should do. Entered the brindavan alive and assured he would continue to be present in his astral body for 700 years, His Brindavan is in Mantralaya (Near Adoni) is a place of pilgrimage and his disciples and devotees even today are being bestowed with blessings and getting their wishes fulfilled. 


Source: Sri Gurusarvabhouma Masapatrika(English).

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