Ardent devotees of God are aware of his munificence towards them and his benevolent gestures. They know of his readiness to come to their help. But some ask whether he can be directly approached or seen. For this God has deputed some of his aides who, during their stay in this world, perform the roles of spiritual guides. They serve as links between the almighty and his devotees. They being his trusted assistants, submit the pleas of those who seek the Lord’s intervention and the latter will surely respond and grant the requests. For this, these leaders offer worship to their personal deities. They can talk and walk with God. That is why great reliance is placed on the spiritual powers they have secured through penance and other austerities. They convey to the devotees the assurance given by God. These Acharya have been handed over idols which were being adored from time immemorial.

Sri Raghavendra Swamiji, to who devotees put forward their submissions, will in turn refer them to Lord Rama who will not fail to listen to the prayers. The outstanding feature of Hindu religion is the universal prayer that the entire world all creations (men, animals and birds) should e prosperous; enjoy happiness and experience peace and bliss.

Another unique feature of Hinduism is those an swearing devotees’ requests; God not only grants them marital and secular benefactions but also removes all the stumbling blocks which prevent them from securing their desires and ultimately gives them salvation.

The Acharyas tour extensively taking with them the deities to enable disciples and devotees to offer their worship. Lord Rama, who upheld the law of virtue in the walk of challenges, never deviated from the ideals set by scripture if human beings follow his example, they can become perfect. Hence his life should serve as a model. Mortals too can remain unaffected by problems as they would have derived the moral strength through prayers. There need be no doubt about God’s protection to devotees. His assurance of “Refuge” is certain and unequivocal.


Source: Sri Gurusarvabhouma (English) magazine , Mantralayam.

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