Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhoumaru popularly known as RAYARU to his disciples and followers for the extraordinary kindness and grace he has shown to his devotees, the suffering and the downtrodden. With a missionary zeal to uplift the good and deserving souls and to be a solace to those who are in need of his kindly grace and at the same time to make known to all that Lord Sri Hari is supreme ad his infinite powers and qualities, he started touring various parts of country and propagate the madhwa philosophy.

     He visited many pilgrim centers like Rameshwaram, Udupi, Tirupathi and Pandrapura. He went to many cities and towns and generously blessed one and all without discrimination of caste and creed. He exhibited his mystic powers on certain occasions to install faith in god and religion among the masses. He used his extraordinary powers to cure incurable diseases of people suffering from them and create confidence in those who are mentally disturbed or distressed. He gave support and solace to destitute and by his own example and his preaching’s he made people to tread the path of righteousness and suppress evil tendencies in the society.

     Sri Raghavendra Gurusarvabhoumas life is replete with the incidents of this coming to the rescue of the needy. Each and every extraordinary or supernatural act of his were prompted by his kindness towards the suffering. Whatever divine powers he showed was prompted by the desire to bring solace to the minds of the suffering. One hears tales of his generosity and his helping hand towards the poor and downtrodden. The story of his having delivered Kanaka from the pangs of this world stands a unique example in the story of his life.

     Sri Raghavendra Swamy was born as Vyasaraja in his previous life. Kanakadasa, the famous Haridasa was one of his sincere disciples. During the lifetime if Sri Raghavendra, Kanaka had taken rebirth in a backward caste. When Sri Raghavendra was staying in Hanuman temple near Manvi for his chaturmasya , Kanaka, who in his new incarnation had become old, approached his spiritual master and prayed to his to grant salvation. Guru Sri Raghavendra being happy to see this disciple of his previous birth, decided to make him purified as he was a great devotee of the lord and instructed him to present at the time of worshipping Mula Rama the next day and asked him to bring whatever was possible for him to offer to the Lord Mula Rama. Kanaka promptly followed his instruction and on the next day he placed before his guru a handful of mustard seeds for being offered to the deity. Although it was the month during which the use of mustard is prohibited, Sri Raghavendra knowing his devotion to the Lord, accepted the same from him and instructed the cool to use the same for the food to be prepared for being offered as Naivedyam to Lord Mula Rama. In a few days after this incident, Kanaka in his birth in a low caste, left this world and attained salvation by the grace of his Guru and the supreme lord. Even to this day, the practice of using mustard even during month its use is prohibited as a general rule, is continued in Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha as token of having been offered by Kanaka and Sri Gururajas grace on him.

     The divine power exhibited y Sri Guru Raghavendra on many occasion for protecting those who came to him for help create awe and inspire devotion to him. Sri Jagannathadasa has in his song starting with RAGHAVENDRA RAJITHA CUNASANDRA penned some of the incidents which show the supernatural powers exhibited by Gururaja during his life time. It is not possible to deal with all such extraordinary events in this issue but few of them will be there in future.


Source: Sree Gurusarvabhouma Masa Patrika (English).          

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