Some instances where even ardent devotees suffer, contrary to the belief that God never allows those devoted to Him to grieve, make people wonder why He should indulge in such methods. Why should he give agony to his sincere devotees? Is he a mere task master? Has he no mercy? If that be his attitude, why should he be adored as the ocean of compassion? Why should a person seek refuge in him if he can remain happy amidst worldly pleasures?

These thoughts may arise in some whom wanting to become religious see men in misery. These doubts have indeed been answered. The main reply is worldly activates will end one day and God has reason to appear to be unconcerned when men defy his commands.

Man, from the time immemorial, has been behaving as if he is independent and that he needs no help from anyone. He believes he can achieve what he wants by using the power within him and his wisdom. He tries to overcome hurdles by using his intelligence. Only when he feels there is no way out to solve his problems that he seeks assistance. Since no human being can come to his rescue, he remembers the possibility of seeking the Divine hand.

Only when a man is placed in distress, can he be made aware of the unseen, unlimited power of God. But why should the devotees be immersed in grief when they think of God at all times and know that he alone can solve his problems. Though the treatment afforded to them appears to be harsh, it helps them to gain greater confidence and acquire greater moral courage. Their entire attention will be on God. They will then experience “supreme bliss”. The process is like vaccination which is painful and may also cause fever: but it gives relief ultimately making one immune to the scourge. 

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