In affirming the value of life, God’s sermon on the battlefield, the Bhagavadgita paves the way for men to return to his fold. The message presents a comprehensive ideal of religion. The different paths made available to men to reach the goal of salvation at times bewilder them as each one has been described by religious texts and leaders as equally important and valid. The path of action enables them to get rid of the impurities in the mind. The path of spiritual knowledge reveals the relationship with GOD. Both result in developing devotion leading them to the almighty’s abode. It is the key to the vision of God.

What bind us to the world is not our acts but selfish desires. We should give up the ego and not the activity; there should be self-renunciation. The path of duty asks us to dedicate all our acts in loving devotion to the lord motiveless activity is psychologically impossible but the gita attitude is that we have an obligation to act but place the fruits obtained at his feet. By acquiring true knowledge of the “Self and of Godhead, persons are purified and their passions are checked and they will realize the need to take shelter in him.

Duty and transcendental knowledge help men to intensify their devotion, which is nothing but showing love to God. It is a feeling that does not indicate mere emotional rapture. No doubt we should offer worship, pray, meditate, visit temples and take other measures to seek divine grace but more vital behind these is the affection we show to God and the firm belief in divine dispensation. The absolute need for a devotee to cultivate this faith in the lord as it is the very foundation of Bhakthi. A person who yearns to approach God should be aware that he cannot achieve anything without the Lord’s approval. A disciple asked his preceptor whether God will grant rain to a parched area which was in dire need of water. The teacher promised to appeal to God and told the student to be ready to claim, “God will give anything”. The master replied that if he had real faith, he should have come prepared with an umbrella to secure protection from the expected downpour but his intention was only to test the words of his mentor.

On the other hand, a physician gave a prescription on a piece of paper to a sick man, who not realizing that he has to purchase the medicine, tore it in to four parts, took each piece a day and got cured. Such an attitude and total belief that God will stand by him should be the hallmark of a sincere devotee.

Source: Sri Gurusarvabhouma English Magazine, Mantralaya.

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