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Madhva Navami is observed on Shukla Paksha Navami of the month of Maagha every year as centuries ago, on this very day "Acharya Madhva went beyond Badarikashrama never to be seen by mortals  again".

For innumerable devotees he is none other than Vayudeva himself who was into his third incarnation and the earlier two being Hanuma and Bheema. In all three incarnations, Vayudeva propagated the Supremacy of Lord Vishnu (Hari Sarvothama) and aptly proved himself as Supreme of the Jeevas (Vayu Jeevothama) as he was into spreading the undisputable eternal Sathya (truth) - the Ultimate Supremacy of Lore Vishnu perpetually , even till now as in all three incarnations he never faced/encountered death.

Having born as Vasudeva to devout parents in the year 1238 AD, was initiated into Sanyasa Deeksha at a very young age of 11 years by  Achyutapreksha and was given ashrama nama of Poornapragna and aptly he defeated well known Tharka Shastra Panditas (Theologists) within 40 days his initiation. Pleased with the disciple’s exemplary skills, Achutaprekaha gave him the name Ananda Teertha by coronating him.

He travelled extensively all over the country by propagating Dwaita philosophy (Dualism) as opposed to Adi Shankara’s school of thought of Advaita philosophy (Monoism) and made many great Advaita Panditas renounce ‘Aham Brahmsmi’ and follow the eternal truth of ‘Pancha Beda’ and ‘Hari Sarvothmathva’.

Acharya Madhva has authored more than 40 major monographs including Brahma Sutra Bashya which is a commentary on Brahma Sutras. While writing Brahma Sutra Bashya, he has condemned all the available commentaries (more than 20 numbers) by various schools of thoughts including the ones by Adi Shankara and Ramanuja. It is a matter of great pride that till date this commentary has been unchallenged.

A few of the tenets as propagated by Srimadacharya can be summarized as

  •  Lord Vishu is supreme and nobody is like Him or equal to him
  •  All others starting from Brahma onwards depend upon Lord Vishunu and  are not independent
  •  All Jeevas are different and classified as per Taratamya and depend upon Lord Vishnu.
  •  This World is real and not illusion

Article By: Varuni Nagendra




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