Sri Suyateendra Teertharu

Sri Suyateendra Teertha's Introduction

  • Period : 2006 -2014
  • Ashrama Gurugalu : Sri Sushameendra Teertharu 
  • Shloka: 
  • Kannada
    ಸುಶಮೀಂದ್ರ ಕರಾಬ್ಜೋತ್ಥಂ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರ ಗುರುಪ್ರಿಯಂ
    ಸುಯತೀಂದ್ರ ಗುರುಂ ವಂದೇ ಮೂಲರಾಮಾರ್ಚನೆ ರತಮ್
    सुशमींद्र कराब्जॊत्थं राघवॆंद्र गुरुप्रियं
    सुयतींद्र गुरुं वंदॆ मूलरामार्चनॆ रतम्
    సుశమీంద్ర కరాబ్జోత్థం రాఘవేంద్ర గురుప్రియం
  • సుయతీంద్ర గురుం వందే మూలరామార్చనే రతమ్
  • ஸுஶமீம்த்ர கராப்ஜோத்தம் ராகவேம்த்ர குருப்ரியம்
    ஸுயதீம்த்ர குரும் வம்தே மூலராமார்சனே ரதம்
  • sushamIMdra karaabjOtthaM raaghavEMdra gurupriyaM
    suyatIMdra guruM vaMdE mUlaraamaarcanE ratam



Susheelendracharya was the name of Suyatheendratheertha in his poorvashrama. It was in Pete Alur of Mundargi taluk in Gadag district where Susheelendracharya was born to the pious couple Ananthacharya and Yamunabai of Gouthama Gothra in the sacred ‘Beegamudre’ family of the poorvashrama lineage of Sri Gururaja. Susheelendracharya, after completing his primary and middle level education at Pete Alur prosecuted his high school education at Mundargi and secured his degree from Karnatak university, Dharwad. Aspiring for higher education, Acharya came to Bangalore and did his B.Ed. He also completed AMIE Certificate course which is equivalent to Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Susheelendracharya had the ambition of studying Shastras. It was then an opportunity arose for him to study Sahitya and Veda under the able guidance of Sri Suyameendratheertha. Further he was taught Sri Nyaya Sudha and other Shastras by Archak Ramacharya, a scholar at the Mutt.

After completing his education, Susheelendracharya joined Bharatheeya Samskruthi Vidyapeetha, one of the prestigious educational institutions in Bangalore where he served in the capacity as a teacher for thirty years with dedication. In recognition of his excellence, he was elevated as the principal of the institution. During his tenure, Acharya became popular as the principal who steered the institution towards its all round development with his administrative abilities. Thus he served the institution for six years as principal and left it on superannuation. After his retirement, Susheelendracharya pledged rest of his life to the service of Sri Gururaja. The extreme devotion Acharya had for Sri Gururaja was highly appreciated by Sushameendratheertha and he appointed him as Dharmadhikari at the Seethapathi Agrahara branch of the Mutt in Bangalore. Acharya
served there for six years. Impressed by Acharya’s sincerity and devotion, Sushameendratheertha summoned him to Mantralaya and appointed him as the Dewan of the Mutt. He addressed himself to the tasks in this capacity for a year with intense devotion, probity and commitment.
Susheelendracharya of multifaceted talent is a great exponent of Rangoli art and a fine orator. Acharya is known for his discipline and honesty. His loyalty to the Mutt is simply exemplary. Sushameendratheertha has great affection for Acharya for his nobility.

On 4-7-2006, there was a sudden decline in the health of Sushameendratheertha. With a view to ensure the continuity of poojas and other rituals to Lord Moolarama, the swamiji nominated Susheelendracharya as his successor by bestowing sanyasa on him and renaming him as ‘Suyatheendratheertha’. It was a grand spectacle of the birth of a new star in the history of the Mutt. The disciples and the devotees of the Mutt heaved a sigh of great relief as Sushameendratheertha showed signs of recovery with the blessings of Sri Gururaja. Suyatheendratheertha whose devotion for Sri Gururaja is so intense, has his interest wedded to the hoary tradition and customs of the Mutt. He is so resolute that he will not tolerate even the slightest deviation in their pursuit. In just a year of his tenure, he has been successful in spreading the fame of the Mutt all over by
serving his guru and giving his support to his guru in all the activities of the Mutt. It is a matter of great delight for all the disciples that the Mutt could have such an able successor in Suyatheendra theertha. All the devotees and disciples of the Mutt pray to Lord Hari, Vayu and Sree Gururaja to shower their grace on Suyatheendratheertha that he may carry out such onerous responsibility successfully for long. He attained Haripada on Phalguna Bahula Panchami i.e., on 21st March 2014.  

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