Shri Raghunandana Teertharu

Sri Akshobhya Teertharu

Sloka :
Sanskrit :
परैरपहृता मूलरामार्चा गुर्वनुग्रहात् ।
यॆनानीता नमस्तस्मै रघुनंदनभिक्षवॆ ॥

Kannada :
ಪರೈಪಹೃತಾ ಮೂಲರಾಮಾರ್ಚಾ ಗುರ್ವನುಗ್ರಹಾತ್ |
ಯೇನಾನೀತಾ ನಮಸ್ತಸ್ಮೈ ರಘುನಂದನಭಿಕ್ಷವೇ ||

Telugu :
పరైరపహృతా  మూలరామార్చా గుర్వనుగ్రహాత్ |
యేనానీతా నమస్తస్మై రఘునందనభిక్షవే ||


Ramachandracharya was the name of Raghunandanatheertha in his poorvashrama. There are sufficient grounds to presume that he was in Vijanagar kingdom only. After taking sanyasa from jithamitra, he was named Raghunandanatheertha. Raghunandana who knew about the extraordinary powers of his guru and paramaguru and the great tradition of Mahasamsthana deemed it a great fortune to have got sanyasashrama. But he was deeply worried about not being able to worship Sri Moolarama, the idol which the very Lord himself had worshipped. He did not know what to do about this. Himself, a name sake of Lord Rama, Raghunandanatheertha resolved to have it restored somehow. He had learnt what kind of adroitness was exhibited by Naraharitheertha, one of those in the vanguard of tradition, in getting the idols.

He had heard what kind of confidence his paramaguru Vibudhendratheertha enjoyed from his guru. Such being the case, he was pained at the idols being unavailable. He felt that his guru too must have felt sad for not worshipping the idols. He was convinced of the impossibility of recovering the idols through legitimate means from those who were so shorn of compunction unabashed in their tenacity to usurpedly sow the seeds of separate tradition. He felt that it was not unfair to recover the idols by means of pranks. While they had taken them into their possession by unfair means, he determined to get them back through similar means only. He discussed this decision with his confidants.

One Chandra Bhatta of them belonging to ‘Ashwe’ Bada family of Athreyasa gothra assured to carry out this great task. Getting permission from the swamiji and being blessed with Mantrakshate, he went to the other Mutt where he gained proximity to be personally serving the swamiji of that Mutt. Thus he stayed there for a long time. Thereafter on the night of Ekadashi of Karthika Shuddha in Anandanama Samvatsara, as the idols of Sri MoolaSeethaRama had been kept in the open unlocked, Chandra Bhatta took possession of the idol of Moolarama and left Bankapura village, the camp of the swamiji of other Mutt. From there he came to Penugonda where Raghunandantheertha had camped and handed over the idol to him. He pleaded that he could not bring the idol of Goddess Seetha. Deriving consolation from the fact that the consort Goddess Ramadevi who is in eternal union with the Lord resides in Rama’s heart, the swamiji worshipped the idol of Moolarama in all gaiety and piety. Heaving a sigh of relief about repossessing the idol of Moolarama, “This is the day of great fulfilment and relief for me”; was how the swamiji’s voice reverberated with immense happiness. Greatly honouring Bada Chandra Bhatta besides munificently rewarding him with pecuniary largesse1, the swamiji set off towards south instructing his disciples to give Chandra Bhatta a respectable position in the Mutt. Touring for a brief period, the swamiji reached Pampakshetra (Hampi), the capital of Vijayanagar and reached his eternal abode near Chakratheertha there. The fame of Raghunandanatheertha whose deeds, the ardent followers of the Mutt must always remember, reached the acme of immortality.  




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Source : Gurucharite


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