Rayara Prasada - A Charity Midday meals for Students

Our scriptures say
अन्नदानं महादानम् । विद्यादानम् तत्परम् ॥
“annadanam maha danam | vidya danam tatparam!‘’
Offering food is a great charity, however, supporting education is greater than that. If you wish to see its implementaion, Sri Rayara Matha stands unique. One can see both Annadana and Vidyadana running parallely at Mantralaya Matha. A wast crowd of devotees taking Teertha Prasada and Gurusarvabhouma Vidyapeetha are the bright examples for the same. The support for Education & charity at our Matha never stops.
Unfortunately it is observed that a large strength of students around Mantralayam are quitting schools in the middle of their education because of starvation. The Srimatha is stepping ahead in this direction to provide hyginic mid day meals at the school, so that the student stay back on track and continue Education.  Apart from the daily meals being provided to the floating devotees at Mantralaya, ‘Rayara Prasada’ is yet  another  noble cause among many,  initiated by His Holiness Sri Suyateendra Teertharu.  The objective is to provide midday meals to school children as part of Charity in the name of Sri Raghavendra Teertharu.
Initially the schools located around 25 KMs radious from Mantralaya will have this privilege and depending upon the demand, the scheme will be further extended to schools in Karnataka state as well. The projection is around 50000 students per day. We believe the more we support more the nation gains.
It works in two ways. 
1) Food will be served in Matha’s dining halls for students at Mantralaya.
2) Food will reach the School premises for students in other villages.
A separate wing for this purpose will be established with latest technology to ensure the quality of food that served to the kids.
Interested devotees may participate in this noble cause by contributing funds. Any amount is welcome. 
All donations made for this charity are excepmted under 80G of Income Tax Act. 


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