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If you are ever interested in knowing the history and the facts of Sri Moolaramadevaru, then the following E-book is the best and ultimate resource for you.  A must have one in your collection.


Shri Uttaradi Mutt, on 02/09, published a booklet by name ‘SaSeetaMoolaRamarcha’ – in which akin to their earlier publications, tried to claim that theirs’ is the moola samsthana of Acharya Madhva, the moola Seeta and Rama idols are in their possession and to avoid comments from others they proclaim that this is only for the followers of Uttaradi mutt.

In this booklet – their target is Raghavendra Swamy mutt. They say that the historical incidence of Shri Raghunandana swamiji bringing back the Moola Rama idol is not according to the evidence, the description ‘Vritta Peetha’ is not in Vasishtha Ramayana and there is no similarity between Seeta and Rama idols. In support of this view they have quoted the compositions of ShriPadarajaru, Purandara Dasaru, Gurupurandara Dasaru, etc, and a few invocation verses of glosses of swamiji’s of their mutt, and quotes from vijaya kavyas of their mutt.

In this book, all these are critically examined. Mainly how split in the moola mutt occurred in the time of Shri Ramachandra Tirtha, Shri Vidyanidhi’s interlude, etc have been explained with evidences. Shri Vadindra’s ‘परस्तुसीतासदृशो मूलरामस्तु मन्मठे’ has been presented with photographs.

The compositions of Aparokshagnani’s like purandaradasa, etc who sung the glories of ‘Shri Moola Rama’ which was being worshipped by the successive pontiffs of Rayara mutt – have been enclosed in the annexures. Shri Raghavendra Vijaya and its gloss has been printed with photos. It has been brought to the notice that the ancient panchanga (Almanac) and Rayasas (ShriMukha or Ajnapatra) of the mutt contain the seal ‘Shri Moola Ramo Vijayate’. A notable point here is – in the Rayara mutt lineology only Shri Moola Rama is described and they have not bothered about Moola Seeta. This proves that in the Rayara mutt only truth prevails and they do not entertain false claims. The historical fact that Vidyanidhi whisked the underground pooja box of Ramachandra Teertha in 1436 AD and Shri Raghunandana retrieved it back in 1493 AD has been agreed to without prejudice.

There are four sections in this book. In the first part the glory of Rayara Mutt, the songs in praise of MoolaRama by pontiffs and Dasas have been covered. Second section contains the critique of ‘SaSeetaMoolaRamarcha’. The third part gives the details of Digvijaya Rama which was used for travel (Digvijaya) by Acharya Madhva himself – which is made of silver and relevant Suladi’s of Shri Vijaya Dasa. The forth section ‘Charvita Charvana’ questions the propriety of Uttaradi Mutt, frequent claim of its superiority.  The last section contains the annexures, photographs, gazettes, etc in support of the above information.

This is being presented to the broad minded readers to come to an dispassionate conclusion. It is earnestly hoped that this Uttaradi Mutt which is founded on a citadel of falsehood leave its continued tall claim of supremacy and switch over to the broad minded social improvement of the society and earn the respect of all - which is the need of the day.

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