How To Donate

The below given write up describes method of transferring amount for DONATIONS only. If you are looking for Online Seva Booking, then click here. (Donations and Seva Booking are different terms)

Many devotees have been asking us about donating money through online banking system or through credit card transactions. The State Bank of India's Mantralayam branch is now turned up an Internet enabled core bank. You can now send/transfer the desired amount to the following account numbers from your account as donations to the Matha. You can do this through or ask your bank manager to do it for you if you dont have e-banking account. 

For administrative conveniences, the Matha has made separate accounts for donations.

  • Transfer funds to account number 11296401140 if you are willing to donate for "Annada Dana"
  • For any other donations please transfer funds to account number 11296401093


  1. IFCS Code : SBIN0002755 (This is a unique code number of SBI Mantralayam Branch. Tell your bank manager this number to make your formalities easy)
  2. You can offer any amount of money for Anna Dana but if you are putting an endowment fund for Vishesha Hastodaka Nidhi aka Shashvata Anna Dana (One specific day in a calender year) a minimum of Rs. 2200/- is to be deposited.
  3. If you are intending to donate cow but you can not bring it to Mantralayam physically, you may contribute Rs 5001/-, and optionally you may contribute for Go-Grasa (Rs. 1000/- per month). Please transfer these contributions to SBI A/c 31057417440
  4. Kindly send a Email to if you want to convey any message such as how the money you have sent should be used or how and what seva is to be performed. Furnish your complete address and don't forget to write your Contact Number.
  5. VERY IMPORTANT : Dont send/transfer money to these accounts to reserve accomodation as part of your pilligrimage. Matha does not provide such facility as on now.
  6. Cheques and DDs may be sent in favour of The Manager, SRS Mutt, Mantralayam - 518 345
  7. Donations made towards Anna-Dana, Vidya-Dana, Go-Dana and rehabilitations are exempted under 80G of Income Tax act.


  • For more help / information of donation : Sri M. Padmanabha Rao : 09440231849
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